The Missing Facts
What you don't know might help you

What We Do

At The Missing Facts we provide research on topics we feel are not fully disclosed to the general public. Often these are health-related topics, but not exclusively. Our research focuses on the aspects of the topic that are often overlooked, ignored, or intentionally hidden. We strive to present all information in plain language that is easy to understand

Our Information Sources

The sources of our information are not secret, and are provided whenever possible. They include:

Why We Do This

We believe that the best decisions are made when as many facts as possible are known. Our goal is to help ensure that you have enough information to make the best possible decision for yourself.

Are We Biased?

We are biased towards the truth. We have no commercial interests in any products or services other than the information we provide. We have no financial interest in the outcome of any of the research we conduct. Our only goal is to help correct the biases and distortions that we have discovered so that you can make decisions based on complete information.

Future Topics

Among the topics we are researching for future reports are the following:

We invite you to submit any ideas for future research topics that may interest you. Just send a note to: