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What you don't know might help you

Can you trust your doctor's advice about cholesterol?

If you can think for yourself, you will be interested in what I have learned.

Your doctor said your cholesterol is too high.

Now you’re worried about having a heart attack.

Maybe your doctor told you to adopt a low-cholesterol diet.
But you love rich food and find it hard to stop eating it.

Maybe your doctor told you to get more exercise.
But you don’t have the time or motivation for regular workouts.

Maybe your doctor prescribed cholesterol-lowering drugs.
But you tried them and they made you feel bad.

What if you could...

  • Stop worrying about your favorite foods raising your cholesterol level?
  • Change your attitude about exercise?
  • Stop taking strong cholesterol drugs?
  • Reduce your fear that your high cholesterol will cause a heart attack?

All of these things may be possible if you have better information about your health options.

It all started when my doctor said my cholesterol was a little high...

He told me I should go on a low-cholesterol diet and start exercising more.

This didn't make any sense to me. You see, I am practically a vegetarian as it is. I eat a breakfast of just oatmeal every single day. My favorite meals are salads. I ski, swim, and kickbox. I am not a couch potato.

So, I organized a staff and decided to do some investigating. After months of dedicated research on the topic, we produced a report that provides factual, unbiased information about cholesterol and your health that you may have been unaware of. It may change your attitude about your health and your options.

There's a lot more to the story.

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