The Missing Facts
What you don't know might help you

What Are "Missing" Facts?

The information available to the general public is increasingly controlled by commercial interests. Information that may reflect negatively on their business or foster competition is actively suppressed. This is the information that becomes missing. These are the missing facts we refer to.

We provide research on topics we feel are not fully disclosed to the general public. We make no attempt to present all available information. Our focus is on information not widely available from other resources.

Your life is too important to make decisions based on incomplete information. This site provides critical information that you may not have seen elsewhere. Make sure you have complete, accurate information on each topic presented here.

Featured Topic: Cholesterol

Our current featured topic is cholesterol and how it is related to your health. We chose this topic because we discovered that much of the available information has been either suppressed or distorted. Our research found that much of what is presented and accepted as fact actually represents only part of the story. Usually, this information is strongly influenced by commercial and political interests. We found significant disagreement among scientific and medical professionals on the following topics, among others:

For more information, and to obtain the full report on this topic, see our cholesterol summary.